Spray Your Way To Longer, Stronger Locks

by The Zoe Report

If longer hair is on your wish list, listen up—Phylia de M.’s latest concoction is your golden ticket to strong, sumptuous locks! Formulated to fortify existing strands and encourage new growth, Re-Connect focuses on scalp health to ensure your best possible mane. When used in conjunction with Phylia de M.’s popular Connect, the power duo accelerates cell renewal and keratin restoration from root to tip, leaving you with your shiniest, healthiest head of hair! Exclusive to TZR, Phylia de M.’s founder Kazu Namise dishes advice on how to get your strands into tip-top shape:

What diet/lifestyle practices should we all engage in to enrich our scalp’s health? “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes a long way and manifests itself in our health and beauty. As far as scalp health, taking care to really cleanse and nourish your scalp and hair daily is important. You can also use your scalp and hair condition as clues for inner body healing, which we call “Phylia Scalp Sense.” For example, if your scalp and hair are excessively oily, your liver may be out of balance. There are ways you can tweak your diet to target the liver. Making small changes in your diet really makes a difference in your overall health and this will reflect in the health of your hair!”

What is the top mistake you see women making that leads to poor scalp health/stunting hair growth? “That’s simple—any type of poor scalp health, poor hair condition or hair loss points to stress of some kind. Poor scalp and hair hygiene, over processing and chemically-ridden products, overwhelming emotional or psychological stress, unbalanced or inadequate diet, rest deprivation, etc—all of these stressors directly affect capillaries along the scalp. As the capillaries begin to grow thin from stress, they are unable to supply sufficient keratin, an essential building block for health, to hair follicles.” Moral of the story? Stress less!

Availability: Phylia de M. Re-Connect treatment ($80). For additional information, visit Phylia.com.