A Protecting Potion for Your Mane

by The Zoe Report

There’s nothing we love more on a scorching summer’s day than to dive head first into the nearest body of icy cold water, agreed? The only problem with this cool-off method is its hair-raising consequences: dry, brittle, and potentially green, chlorine-kissed locks post-swim—no thanks! As if sent to us straight from the beauty heavens, Phillip Kingsley’s Swimcap assures we won’t have to worry about booking an appointment with our mane-saving stylists after a dip ever again.

Living up to its name as a swim cap, Phillip Kingsley’s protecting potion adheres to wet hair and serves as a shield against the not-so-glam effects of chlorine, saltwater and UV rays. Intercept these environmental factors known to instigate breakage, discoloration and dryness by running Swimcap through damp hair and let the nutritional and protecting powers of this dream cream do the rest.

Availability: Phillip Kingsley Swimcap, $32. For additional information, visit PhilipKingsley.com.