High And Dry

by The Zoe Report

Without question, if we were ever banished to a desert island and allotted only one beauty provision—the horror—you can bet it would be dry shampoo. Hard to imagine our hair lives before the timesaving, glamour-giving product, we are tremendously loyal to the technology—though we’ll admit, we flirt around with different varieties. The latest oil absorber to strike our fancy, Philip B’s Russian Amber Imperialmay be our favorite strand yet.

Dry shampoo in spray form, this volume booster extends the life of your blowout, offering plenty of body, lift and shine for a non-greasy, just-washed look. Infused with a spicy scent of Pure Russian Amber (hence its name), it leaves your tresses smelling alluring and clean. In a pinch to conjure up bombshell locks? Reach for a bottle of Philip B’s heaven-sent formula and spray style back into your mane!

Availability: Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo ($28). For additional information, visit Philipb.com.

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