Peach Is Fall’s Most Hypnotic Hair Color Trend

Sunset vibes for the new season? Say less.

by Natasha Marsh
Fall 2022 is the perfect time to try peach and all variations of the pink hair trend. It looks great on multiple skin tones and hair textures and, because it doesn't require an all-white base like silver or purple, it’s a lot less damaging. Ahead, TZR crafted seven peach tones to inspire your most alluring season.@tinietashaa
Pastel Peach

For a subtle wash of color, look no further than a pastel peach. For the minimal-commitment folks, you can experience the trend with a temporary peach tint that won’t require maintenance and can wash out quickly.

Ombré Fall

Warm up the skin tone with ombré peach where hair goes from dark brown to fiery red to orange to blonde. And if you’re looking to shake things up, accentuate your ombré by allowing your natural curls to be free.

Brassy Pink

If you’re aiming for a darker, more dimensional peach shade, why not try brassy pink? Keep the roots and undersides of the hair dark for an unexpected take on the trend.

Rainbow Effect

When you can’t decide on one peach color, work in multiple tones. Here, luscious peachy-blonde curls are complemented by a muted magenta shaved fade.

Peach Dreams

Available in a plethora of different hues and textures, a peach wig is perfect for those that would like to test the trend without full commitment. Make sure to plait hair underneath for a seamless, natural application.

Warm Peach

Those who typically opt for warmer, darker shades during the fall will find comfort in this darker iteration where peach highlights are woven into a blonde base. For daily maintenance, spritz in a gloss spray for salon-worthy shine.

Strawberry Spirals

Win with defined curls with this strawberry and pink mixture for a fun pink-peach shade. The style is the only accessory you’ll need amongst a wardrobe full of light trench coats, jeans, and ankle boots.


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