Passion Twists Are The Ultimate Summer Vibe — Ahead, 7 Ways To Wear Them

Low-maintenance and chic.

by Natasha Marsh
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Although Senegalese Twists and Goddess Locs are gorgeous protective styles on their own, when combined, they make for an even more show-stopping look — passion twists. Ahead, seven passion twists to serve as inspiration for warmer temperatures and beyond.@flbraids
Short & Chic

Protective styles, although great for the hair, can average from three to eight hours for installation. Cut the total time in half with this shoulder-grazing style. Worn in a pony, bun, or half-up, half-down, your options are endless.

Accessorize it

For a free-spirited summer and on-the-go moments, throw passion twists up in a pony and add a hair accessory. Be sure to reach for a long-holding pomade to properly lay edges down.

Highlighted Bombshell

One of the greatest benefits to protective styles is the ability to wear color without the commitment. Opt for a sun-kissed summer with golden highlights weaved into brunette hair. Plus, it’s a chic style to keep stress off your natural hair.

‘90s Calling

If you can’t be bothered with summer heat and hair on your neck, tie it up with two face-framing twist outs. You’ll be living your best Hailey Bieber summer.

Exaggerated Passion Twists

The ultimate hair chameleon, Ciara’s two-strand twists are the perfect union of polished and playful. Whether you opt for a style with gold beads or a public statement, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Perfectly Undone

Let the curly texture shine in this long passion twist style. Don’t worry about frizz or a bit of unraveling as perfection is not the key here. For maintenance, once a week, apply a scalp serum to make sure your natural hair stays moisturized underneath.

Go Big Or Go Home

Pump up the thickness and drama with jumbo-sized passion twists. This one is great for those who get antsy in the chair as the size will make for a very quick installation. Just remember to tie hair up at night with a silk or satin bonnet to avoid frizz.


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