Party Makeup And Hair Mistakes To Avoid

Remember that time when the holiday-inspired hairstyle you’d been dreaming of looked more like a nightmare in real life? Or when those false lashes you bought made you look like a living doll—and not in a good way? We’ve all been there: 1 hour until party time and you’re left to deal with a disastrous hair or makeup mishap. Before you decide to go all Dior Fall ’14 on us for a festive fête this weekend, read on to avoid committing a few holiday-beauty mistakes we’re all guilty of.

The Glittery Gaze

The problem: Although shimmery shadow will instantly take any look from drab to fab, it does have its downfalls. Let's get real: We've ended far too many nights with loose, glittery pigment dusted upon our cheekbones—and that's not chic.

The solution: Say good-bye to raccoon eyes by investing in a cream-based formula next time you crave a glitzy gaze. It's long-lasting, crease-proof and equally as eye-catching.

Photo: FirstView

The Party-Time Pony

The problem: Sure, a sleek ponytail is our go-to for looking polished at the party. But it's kind of a bore, no?

The solution: Breathe new life into your 'do by infusing some fun into your signature hairstyle. We love this playful twist on the classic pony. It's easy to recreate and will give nearby attendees something to talk about.

Photo: FirstView

The Red-Hot Pout

The problem: A red-hot pout makes the perfect party accessory—until it starts to wear off.

The solution: First, apply primer to your bare pout. Second, do your research. Grab hold of a lipstick that's best known for its long-lasting formula. Paying a little extra for a product with great reviews (and exceptional staying power) is worth the splurge—trust us. At the party, peek at a hand mirror every 45 minutes to 1 hour to ensure your kisser is in check. Reapply when necessary.

Photo: Zac Posen Spring '15

The Not-So-Natural Lash

The problem: Your falsies make you look less like a bombshell and more like a Barbie doll—and not in a good way.

The solution: You can still have big beautiful lashes without going overboard. We recommend investing in individual ones and applying where you feel they're needed. Or, test out a more natural looking set that adds drama to the outer corners of the eye instead of all over.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri