Obsessed: ’90s Grunge-Inspired Beauty Products

by Stephanie Montes

We know it’s not “Throwback Thursday,” but we were feeling a bit nostalgic today. Whether or not studded jewelry, torn jeans and flannel shirts were wardrobe staples for you in the ’90s, the grunge look was the most notable trend of the era and possibly our favorite (Reality Bites anyone?). We’ve seen the best looks of the decade come back into the fashion world in a big way over the last couple of seasons, but now they are also infiltrating our beauty counters. Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite beauty buys that remind us of the time when Pearl Jam and flannel ruled.

As If

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Studded Kiss

Flannel Freak

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Too Sparkly? Not!

Check It

Heavy Metal

Come As You Are

Throw Me A Bone

Lash Out

Smoke On The Water

Solid Perfume? Duh!