The Newest Type Of Beauty Tutorial Is Genius

by Stephanie Montes

Soon enough, the beauty tutorials we’ve all gotten so familiar with (you know, YouTube ones like this), will look super dated. Before you get all nostalgic, take a peek at the new crop of tutorials poised for internet domination. NARS teamed up with Facebook to create a new 360-degree video format, allowing you to drag the screen to different angles for a closer look at targeted areas like eyes, lips and brows. Yes, that means you can customize your experience with a swipe of your cursor (if you’re watching it on a desktop), or by physically rotating your phone.

The best part? You can jump ahead to the step you’re most interested in without having to search for the right moment in a 10-minute video. First comes the bespoke beauty tutorials, then what? We predict backstage and behind-the-scenes virtual-reality experiences. Watch this space.

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