Need Holiday Gifting Inspo? This Luxe Fragrance Is Always A Good Idea

So much beauty behind the bottle.

You probably know someone who has a penchant for beautiful things that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have equally lustrous stories. We’ve got the perfect holiday gift for them: Giorgio Armani My Way, a fine fragrance with a captivating vessel, yes, but also an intricate story behind the bottle that makes it that much more magnificent.

The fragrance itself is an elegant, nuanced bouquet of sustainably and consciously sourced ingredients: Handpicked orange blossom and tuberose from Egypt and India mingle with velvety vanilla, sourced through a responsible program that supports local communities in Madagascar. With base notes of cedarwood and musk, it is fresh and warm at the same time, like young white flowers growing wild in the thick of an untouched forest.

It might be just us, but that My Way was designed with a commitment to support the underprivileged and economically fragile communities the ingredients are sourced from makes its fragrance come across even more divine and complex.

The modern, minimalistic bottle is an objet d’art within itself, with its azure blue cap reminiscent of a rare stone. The fragrance is designed to last—not only on skin, but in life, as well. When the fragrance is running low, the 150ml refill bottle lets you easily replenish a 30, 50, or 90ml My Way bottle at home, leading to a savings of glass, plastic, paper, and metal. The recyclable refill bottle also makes for a great, sustainable gift for your giftee next holiday season (and the next, and the next, and the next…). Not to mention, it doesn’t waste an ounce of fragrance either.

Lastly, there’s the name that’s worth noting: My Way. Each spray is a quiet reminder to create your own path, every day – whatever that looks like to the wearer. That, plus all the other beauty that goes into each bottle? It is a gift that keeps on giving, indeed.