How To Work With Your Natural Texture (And Still Have A Good Hair Day)

It’s hot out there which means your hair is probably freaking out, right? Rather than try to fight the natural inclinations of your mane, why not go with the flow (literally) of the texture you were born with—and avoiding heat-styling altogether. We tapped Marcos Trueba from Sally Hershberger Los Angeles to lend his expertise on how to work with your hair type.

Hair Type: Curly

"As any curly haired girl knows, this type requires work but the results are fabulous when you put in the time and effort. After a good shampoo and conditioner, prep towel-dried hair with a leave-in, moisturizing formula. Take 1- or 2-inch sections (remember the smaller the section, the more volume you create) and distribute a pump of curl cream throughout your locks. To encourage extra bounce, wrap each section from root to end around your finger—this also creates a stronger curl. As your hair dries, begin to break up the curls and allow the shape to expand to the volume you desire."

Photo: @annalynnemccord

Hair Type: Wavy

"Working with wavy hair is great because it's able to take on whatever style you desire with the right prep. Nourish towel-dried hair with a volumizing mousse from the roots to the ends and then create four sections (one on either side of the head and two in the back), braiding each. Let them dry and then break up the braids to reveal beautiful, beachy texture. Finish with texturizing paste."

Photo: @blakelively

Hair Type: Straight

"Prep towel-dried hair with root-boosting spray: Take 3-inch sections and spritz from mid-shaft to the ends and then brush through hair with a wide-tooth comb. Pull all your hair back as if you were creating a ponytail (the higher the base, the more volume you create) and wrap it into a loose bun, securing with a few bobby pins. Remember not to use any rubber bands or it will create dents in the hair. This style may take longer to dry depending on the thickness of your hair, so consider sleeping on it. Once it's mostly dry, release your bun for piece-y, sexy texture that will have everyone asking you how you did it. Finish off the look with a generous helping of dry shampoo for added hold and (desired) grit."

Photo: @bellahadid

Hair Type: Coarse

"With coarse hair, you want to see movement—you don't want it just lying there looking heavy. First, apply a nourishing oil to your hair (remember a little goes a long way). Next, find your natural part and create two buns, one on each side of your head. Secure with a few pins and then finish getting ready. As soon as you’re done, let the buns out, and you will have smoother hair and fun, piecey ends. Finish off the look by applying pomade to the ends for additional texture (if desired)."

Photo: @badgalriri

Hair Type: Fine

"Fine hair at times can be a challenge—sometimes it doesn't know if it wants to be wavy, curly or just straight. I always advise to work with your texture and not against it (and remember less is more when applying products). To play up texture, lightly saturate towel-dried hair with a volumizing mousse and encourage the shape by scrunching it from end to root with your head flipped over. Let your hair dry without touching it too much and once it's done, you will have fullness and texture. To finish off the look, apply a pea-size pump of a nourishing oil on the ends for added shine."

Photo: @behatiprinsloo