7 Ways To Blast Away The Monday Blues

For mornings when there simply isn’t enough coffee in all of Columbia to snap you out of weekend mode, it may be time to call in the big guns. Natural remedies have been known to sooth all manner of minor maladies, even ones induced by consuming a few too many glasses of wine with your Sunday supper.

These 7 potions will cure whatever ails you and get you through the bleariest of Mondays virtually unscathed.

Team Zoe Says Relax!

Lack Of Energy

Kick your sluggish system into high gear with a few invigorating spritzes of this pomegranate-spiked spray.


Quite possibly the most common Monday morning complaint, headaches get a swift kick in the butt by way of this basil oil, black spruce and black pepper concoction.

Sore Muscles

Whether you got to your current state as a result of dancing on tables or overdoing it on the bench press, this miracle oil doesn’t judge.

Jaw Clenching

Jaw clenching is a nasty condition that can be responsible for a number of issues including tooth pain, headaches and overall irritation. Enjoy instant relief with this fast-acting, soothing roll-on


Give your hangover the one-two punch with this multi-symptom-busting spray.


A single sleepless night is all it takes to throw your whole week out of whack. This calming fragrance is an excellent all-natural sleep aid that will leave your whole bedroom smelling divine in the process.

Overall Icky-ness

Designed to naturally relieve nausea and anxiety, this nifty roll-on is the perfect purse companion for moms-to-be or anyone battling bouts of queasiness.