Beauty Powder Drinks: Are They Legit?

by Stephanie Montes

There has been a recent spike in beauty powders hitting the market, so naturally we were intrigued. The burning question in our minds is are they worth the hype? Here, we look at 5 powders and what they really do. Spoiler alert on what we discovered: Beauty powders are packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, which are great for your complexion, hair and overall well-being, but nothing beats the power of good old fruits and vegetables. Basically, if you’re a girl on the go, read on.

Beauty Cocktails

If You Have A Notorious Sweet Tooth

Instead of reaching for a calorie-infested desert, grab one of these individual packets and pour it into your water bottle. The sweet flavor curbs your cravings while boosting energy, fighting free radicals and feeding your body tons of vitamin C, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

If You Want Perfect Skin

Packed with ingredients like pearl, goji, and berries, this formula promises shiny hair, a radiant complexion, and strong nails. The brown mixture might freak you out but don’t worry; it tastes like a sweet tea.

If All You Care About Is How It Tastes

Packed with minerals, protein, probiotics and vitamins, this muddy brown colored powder promises positive effects on skin. Once mixed into water, the powder turns into a drink that looks and tastes like a delicious berry juice.

If You're Feeling Daring

The first thing you notice is the unsettling color and its unfortunate taste. A reminder of how many greens, vitamins, minerals, herbs and digestive enzymes are in the drink makes it all better. Plus it has caffeine in it to help you with your midday nap cravings.

If You're An Avid Juice Drinker

Packed with all-natural vegan dried spinach, blueberries, mushrooms, spirulina, and coconut, this powder taste just like a pressed juice when mixed with water. Boost energy, improve digestion, and get bright, hydrated skin with almost no effort.