Natural Beauty Fave: Earth Tu Face

When two California-based herbalists decided to start a 100% plant-based skincare line with only a garden, a line good enough to eat was born. After years spent searching for products to soothe their own sensitive skin, Earth Tu Face founders Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm decided to take matters into their own discerning hands. Originally “I used simple, very pure, organic ingredients on my face from my kitchen,” co-founder Buscho told Team Zoe of the food-grade ingredients that have since become staples of the line. “The more education in holistic health and medicine, the better the formulas became.” The result is skincare that’s been built from the ground up….literally!

Avoiding synthetics, preservatives and toxins of any kind, Earth Tu Face has gained a following among conscientious moms, allergy-prone kids, and anyone looking for effective all-natural skincare solutions. We can’t wait to stock up on the non-stripping Palmarosa + Aloe Face Wash, the Sea Salt scrub for luxe tub time and the multi-purpose Skin Stick, which is a great grab-and-go healing skin salve. And these ladies are committed to giving you all the good stuff—and only the good stuff! No fillers promise that you’re getting exactly what’s on the label and ingredients that you can actually pronounce. “We wanted to come from a place of putting health first: health of the people using the products and the health of the planet creating and supporting the line,” Buscho said. We think it’s a win-win.

Availability: Earth Tu Face Skin Stick, $34; Sea Salt Body Scrub, $44; Palmarosa + Aloe Face Wash, $48.

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