5 New Beauty Rules To Live By

Today Rose-Marie Swift, the makeup artist and natural beauty advocate behind the cult-favorite line RMS Beauty shares her secrets for achieving a luminous, healthy glow. Hint: less is more!

Rose-Marie's Beauty Advice

Rule 1. Eat Real Foods

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"The skin is a mirror to your stomach so whatever is going on in the intestinal tract will reflect itself through the skin", Rose-Marie says. She recommends drinking organic green juice, incorporating digestive enzymes and probiotics into your diet, eating as much raw food as possible and drinking pure water (chlorine and fluoride-free) for healthy, luminous skin.

Rule 2. Know Your Ingredients

RMS Beauty Beauty Oil ($74) and "Un" Powder ($34).

Rose-Marie, a successful makeup artist in the fashion industry for over 20 years, was inspired to start her line after doctors found her blood contained toxic levels of heavy metals as well as high levels of pesticides from her continued exposure to unsafe products. Rose-Marie now urges women to take a hard look at what's in their products and emphasizes the effectiveness and anti-aging power of natural cosmetics. RMS Beauty's products are gluten, GMO, soy and nano free and every ingredient is clearly listed on the packaging for total transparency.

Rule 3. Keep It Simple

Photo: via @rmsbeauty on Instagram

Rosie-Marie takes a less is more approach to makeup; her cream coverup and bronzers impart a subtle amount of color while hydrating the skin. A few tips we picked up from the beauty pro: use a natural cotton puff for a softer powder application (it also absorbs excess oil) and avoid products with silicon which minimize wrinkles but give 'a strange oil slick effect', especially in photos.

Rule 4. Use A Luminizer

RMS Beauty's cult-favorite Living Luminizer ($38).

"Makeup wise, I think a lot of women neglect using a luminizer on the skin for that reflective, youthful glow when they should be embracing this product!", Rose-Marie says. "A powdered down face looks dry and ages the skin terribly (mostly on a long term scale), but by using a luminizer, that slight dewy luminosity makes skin look healthy and youthful."

Rule 5. Embrace Bold Color

Photo: via @rmsbeauty on Instagram

When we asked Rose-Marie what her idea of the perfect nighttime makeup look was she responded; "I love lots of mascara, glowing skin and a red lip. Just because it is nighttime doesn't mean you should pile on more makeup. Keep it natural on the skin, and just go for eyes or lips. Nothing is sexier."