Quinoa Is More Than Just A Superfood — It’s Great For Your Skin, Too

The healthy grain is the star ingredient in this nutrient-rich skin care line from Brazil.

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Nativa SPA
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By now, most of us are familiar with quinoa — the gluten-free grain that propelled to “superfood” status thanks to its protein-rich makeup — but what most of us don’t know is that it has skin care benefits, too. Brazilian beauty brand Nativa SPA caught onto this little-known secret, and used it to inspire their line of best-selling, quinoa-based body care products.

To learn more about the line, and what makes quinoa so beneficial for your skin, keep reading. Plus, find out exactly how Nativa SPA was able to transform the grain into the nutrient-rich oil that forms the backbone of their products.

How Does Quinoa Benefit Your Skin?

Nativa SPA uses a patented process to extract the oil from the quinoa grain — a method that the brand says “[preserves] its whole essence and nourishing properties.” This pure oil is what you’ll find in each of the products from the Quinoa Firming line, and, just like the grain from which it comes, it’s rich in nutrients that are amazing for your skin. Some of these nutrients include antioxidants, proteins, and omega fatty acids (specifically, omegas 3 and 6) — the latter of which are immediately supplied to your skin when applied topically (i.e., by slathering on one of these quinoa-rich skin care products). Antioxidants, meanwhile, are essential for protecting and preserving your skin’s appearance in the long run. And lastly, because quinoa oil is an emollient in nature, it offers superior smoothing, firming, and moisturizing benefits.

Which Quinoa Product Is Right For You?

Nativa SPA’s Quinoa Firming line includes three products: a body lotion, a body oil, and a hand cream. A case could be made for incorporating all three into your routine — in my opinion, you can never have too many body lotions, and I love body oils because they can be mixed into your bath. And considering that it costs just $12, the hand cream (which you can also never have enough of) is a no brainer.

The Body Lotion

Nativa SPA’s Quinoa Firming Body Lotion contains 10 times more quinoa oil than the brand’s other body lotions. It can be used from neck to toe to drench your skin in beneficial nutrients and leave you feeling super soft. According to studies conducted by the brand, you can expect firmer, smoother skin in about a month by using this lotion consistently. Like all products from the line, it has a slightly sweet scent with notes of florals and vanilla.

The Body Oil

With the brand’s Quinoa Firming Body Oil, you’ll get the same firming and smoothing benefits, but I happen to think it’s even more versatile because you can pour a scoopful into your bath (and come out with your silkiest skin ever). Also, in the summer, you can apply it onto your arms and legs before heading out to make your skin positively glisten. Your skin will smell amazing and look amazing.

The Hand Cream

One can truly never have too many hand creams, and who doesn’t want one that’s loaded with nutrients that will leave your most over-worked body part feeling softer and smoother than ever? ‘Nuff said.

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