7 Wedding Manicures For Every Type Of Bride

Assembling your glam squad and prepping your final look for your big day is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. A fresh bridal manicure is just as important as hair and makeup, but deciding on your nail polish or design can get stressful. These days, many ladies heading down the aisle ditch the old-school French mani in favor of not-so-traditional styles. Here, seven gorgeous and elegant wedding manicure ideas fit for every bride.


For The Glam Girl

Regardless of what others may tell you, glitter is never going away—luckily for those of us who love glitz and glam. For a hint of sparkle on your nuptial nails, try a subtle glitter ombré design. This is also a good opportunity to test out that new prosecco-flavored nail polish that has the Internet buzzing.


For The Minimalist

For those who love traditional neutral shades but want a little something extra, try clean lines. Metallic stripes make a huge difference, and they're dainty enough for even the most ardent minimalist.


For The Fashion Girl

If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you're bound to see something inspired by marble. Your nails don't need to be exempt from one of the trendiest prints of our time.


For The Classic Lady

Some girls would rather stick to classic tones of nude and pink, and that's perfectly okay. Solid pastels with a reverse French twist are still elegant enough for the altar.


For The Modern Bride

In some of the weirder trends we've seen, nails are covered in everything from succulents to fur. One we're actually huge fans of is wire; rather than having a design painted on, incorporate a fun gold piece on top.


For The Edgier Woman

We were skeptical about nail jewelry at first, as it was leading people to actually pierce themselves. Covers are a chic alternative; placing one on a single nail per hand can have a major impact on your entire manicure.


For The Low-Maintenance Girl

If you typically stick to solid manicures and stay away from nail art, singular dots can make a statement on your big day. Have one placed on a few fingernails (or all!) for a simple color addition. If you're super into bridal traditions, consider them in blue.