Queen Elizabeth Has Been Wearing This $9 Nail Color For Nearly 30 Years

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth. Photo: Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth's royal life is certainly as glamorous as we could ever dream, yet she appears to be quite the creature of habit. A sophisticated head-to-toe matching ensemble and pearls have been her go-to look for as long as we can remember, and we just learned that she sticks to tried-and-true favorites when it comes to beauty, as well. For example, she always relies on sheer pink for her nails. Her simple-yet-elegant aesthetic isn't the result of a customized nail polish fit for royalty, but rather a shade that could be pulled from our very own stash.

According to the Essie website, the Queen is partial to the brand's cult-favorite shade, Ballet Slippers. In fact, she's been wearing the classic color since 1989, making her a fan of it for nearly 30 years. It comes as no surprise that she's as loyal to a single nail polish shade as she is to her signature tailored look. And we don't blame her. It's one of our favorites too, and it costs just $9 a bottle. If it's fit for a queen, it's surely fit for us.

Nail Color in Ballet Slippers, Essie, $9