This New Powder Nail Polish Is About To Change Everything

by Stephanie Montes

For the girls who can’t seem to paint a clean manicure to save their lives (ourselves included), there’s a new invention on the market that promises a smooth finish in half the time. First, it was a spray-on manicure and now, nail polish takes on a whole new form: powder. Instead of having to worry about swiping on layer after layer of lacquer—and hoping not to ding it in between every coat—dip this powder polish in between clear coats to get an even color and smooth finish that dries instantly. And the best part is it doesn’t damage the nail like acrylics or gel manicures. This new innovation might only be available in salons for now, but we can only hope it will be widely available soon. In the meantime, zone out to the video of it in action below.