8 Trends Blowing Up On Pinterest Right Now

Everyone has benign addictions they indulge occasionally (or frequently) throughout the day. We have a multitude of vices but Pinterest ranks highly on that list. Yep, we’re guilty of spending hours pinning street style imagery, seasonal recipes and, of course, all the beauty tutorials. So, when our pals at our favorite platform shared intel on the latest and greatest trends, you best believe we took notes. From cat-eye manicures (they’re a thing!) to pretty pastels, these are the most-pinned looks of the season.


Cat-Eye Manicure

You heard it here first, folks. While a cat-eye has already established itself as a makeup staple, it's now working its magic on the nails. Cat-eye mani pins are up a staggering 792% this month. Meow, indeed.

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Sorry scrunchies, your time in the sun may be coming to an end. Searches for headbands and wraps in pretty silk and velvet varieties are up 122% and 364%, respectively.

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It's no secret that lavender is the color of the season, but apparently equally soft shades of ash rose, light yellow and mint are ranking high in the Pinterest polls, as well.

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High-Waisted Pants

Are we the only ones who are thrilled to hear high-rise pants haven't lost steam? This super-flattering and forgiving trend is up 293%.

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Asymmetrical Skirts

Uneven hemlines are being worn in a multitude of ways, ranging from airy midi pieces to more structured knee-length silhouettes. We're feeling both!


Belted Coats

The classic trench is back for spring and Pinterest-enthusiasts are saving the look like crazy. Search for the belted staple is up 78%.

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Razzle-dazzle pieces from tanks to handbags are flying high on Pinterest, with search up 56%.

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Sheer Clothing

Lighter fabrics are on the rise now that the winter months are coming to an end. Sheer, transparent tops and socks are seeing search increases of 58% and 72%, respectively.