Easy-To-Do Nail Art That’s Meant To Be Messy

A closeup of hands with easy-to-do nail art consisting of one line at the center of every nail

We’re seeing an evolution in nail art and gone are the days of precise, complex designs. Backstage at fashion week, top manicurists are rebuffing (pun intended) the old ways and opting instead for straightforward techniques to create nails that are simple, wearable, and, most importantly, doable. No nail is the same and the random symmetry creates an effect that is fresh and accessible. Try these off-the-runway looks for your next at home manicure.

Tally Up The Score

First, apply a peach polish to the entire nail. Then, use a striping brush to add one thin line of navy along each nail. The best part, the placement of the lines doesn't matter. Choose one finger on each hand and apply a second stripe along the original one for added flair.

Photo: Courtesy of Essie

Ride The Wave

Start by painting your entire nail a buttery yellow. Using white polish, trace a curved line along the edges of the nail and fill in. Each shape should be organic and different so get creative! Leave one or two nails free of white for a reverse accent nail.

Photo: @sally_hansen

Left Out To Dry

Apply just one coat of white polish so that it remains opaque. Wait for it to dry before stroking the same polish across the nail diagonally. For a textured finish, don't use a top coat.

Photo: @deborahlippmann