The Surprising Reason Kate Middleton Never Wears Nail Polish

As a member of the British royal family, Kate Middleton must keep up certain traditions, from refusing autographs to observing a strict dress code. And although she’s somewhat limited in her style options, the Duchess of Cambridge certainly has her major beauty moments (recall her recent lob makeover). The one thing she does forgo? Nail polish. Yes, there’s a specific reason why her wedding was pretty much the only moment Kate has been caught with a full mani. It turns out only natural-looking nails are allowed at official royal events, which explains Queen Elizabeth’s loyalty to Essie’s Ballet Slippers—the only shade she’s been known to wear since 1989. In the guideline’s defense, it means one less beauty regimen for the preoccupied Kate, but should she want to try out this season’s bold colors, we’re pretty sure there’s no royal rule against pedicures, right?

Oh, and since we’re big fans of Kate’s elegant and approachable style (with or without polish), we’re shopping out a few of pieces that complete her signature look … including the royal nail color.

Getty Images