6 Polishes That Actually Make Your Nails Healthier

by Stephanie Montes

We’re about to get really real for a second. Nail polish isn’t exactly “good for you”, but there are some things in life that a girl just can’t give up. In an effort to make our digits look and feel healthier, we searched for the best polishes with a few added ingredients to strengthen, hydrate and brighten. From antioxidant-packed matcha powder to hydrating marula oil, these lacquer components instantly boost your mani, while also offering long-term benefits. The road to a healthier beauty routine is all about making smarter choices. Glad we could help.


Ingredients We Love: -Licorice Extract: Brightens nails and prevents yellowing. -Safflower Seed Oil: Hydrates nails. -Keratin: Promotes growth and strengthens.

Ingredients We Love: -Sweet Almond Oil: Hydrates nails. -Matcha Powder: Strengthens and prevents breakage.

Ingredients We Love: -Biotin: Stimulates keratin production. -Green Tea Extract: Protects nails from free radicals.

Ingredients We Love: -Green Coffee Extract: Strengthens nails. -Oxygen Technology: Promotes growth by allowing nails to breathe.

Ingredients We Love: -Kale Extract: Stimulates keratin production and hydrates nails.

Ingredients We Love: -Marula Oil: Nourishes and hydrates nails. -Extract of Equisetum: Stimulates nail growth.