The Most Gorgeous Red Nail Polishes To Wear For Valentine’s Day


If ever was a month to wear red ad nauseam (and without shame), it would be February. Beauty aficionados, in particular, are all about embracing the crimson, especially on their nail beds—because Valentine's Day.

Whether you're spending the day with your beau, your girlfriends or dedicating it to yourself, a fresh manicure is always in order. With the season of love in full swing, it's time to book your appointment and give your nails a scarlet touch-up. From bright cherry to deep ruby, we've got you covered with the best red shades to consider. Here, our top picks for your next nail session.


Classic Red




Metallic Crimson

Metallic Garnet

Rouge Tips

Bonus: Not a fan of all-red nails? Add some rouge accents to any manicure with this lacquer made for details.