The Sneaky Beauty Trick To Try On Date Night

by Stephanie Montes

Your nails say a lot about you, so we’re here to help you bring your A game on your next big date night. We tapped Rose Theodora from Enamel Diction for her go-to romantic color suggestions by astrology sign. Below, shop the nail shades that are sure to make a killer impression this Valentine’s Day and beyond—it’s a fierce dating market out there, and we want to make sure you have a leg up on the competition.

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Get A Leg Up On The Dating Pool


Wear: Deep Red

"You are extravagant—that shows in your Valentine's Day wish list. Let someone else take the lead for once and communicate your desires through this sultry color choice."


Wear: White

"You like to look top notch, but you may be feeling extra vulnerable this Valentine's Day. Don't overdo your look in hopes of filling a void—natural is key. Remember that you master sensuality more than anyone, so try not to take things too seriously."


Wear: Lavender Glitter

"Getting romantic does not equate going out for you this year. You may be feeling like doing something a little more low-key this Valentine's Day, and you should. Wear something illuminating to turn your cozy night up a notch."


Wear: Metallic Navy

"You are super social and always making friends wherever you go. A deep metallic blue plays up your fun side. The best advice you can receive is no matter what your nails look like, just remember to be your good-humored self on your date."


Wear: Gold

"You're in boss mode right now but before you go making Valentine's Day plans, talk to your date. You don't want to step on anyone's toes right off the bat. Regardless of who plans it, just make sure it's fancy and you'll feel right at home. Wear something gold, duh."


Wear: Bright Red

"You usually prefer something low-key, but not in 2016. You want to experience something different. Since hopping continents this Valentine's Day is not an option, bring some culture to your date. Consider visiting a Spanish restaurant and wearing red—bright red."


Wear: Black

"You are sensual and maybe a little possessive. Own it. Black communicates your desires and has never looked sexier on you."


Wear: Gray

"Make your partner feel like they are the only person in the world this Valentine's Day. Get romantic and be gentle about it. A soft gray nail polish is just enough to get noticed without being too distracting."


Wear: Rose Gold

"Plan something healthy and skip the champagne this year. Treat yourself and your partner to a massage and get a good night's rest. You'll wake up feeling more passionate and more enlivened. A feminine rose gold is where it's at for you."


Wear: Gold

"This Valentine's Day, try something you've always wanted to do and just go with the flow. A gold nail polish reminds you to step out of your comfort zone."


Wear: Dark Green

"A family and marriage are on your mind, and it's okay to entertain the idea of commitment. Spending some time at home with your significant other this Valentine's Day could be just what you need to feel connected. Order in and wear a rich emerald green, which helps open your heart."


Wear: Peach

"This Valentine's Day, show your affection without verbal communication. A romantic peachy-pink shade demonstrates your mushy side."

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