Matteo Scarpellini

This Is What’s Missing From Your Beauty Arsenal


When it comes to makeup, we can lay down quite a bit of knowledge on everything from color trends to the various brushes needed for every product. And when it comes to hair, we’re well versed in heat protectant sprays, flat irons, gloss-enhancing serums and everything in between. As for our skincare routine? You better believe it’s been expertly crafted and curated to maximize our glow. But truth be told, there’s one area in even the most bonafide beauty addict’s arsenal that’s often neglected: nail care. To make sure you’re never again faced with less-than-fabulous fingertips, we’ve rounded up the must-have nail tools every beauty junkie should keep in their cosmetics pouch. Stock up and you’ll be well on your way to hand model status.


Flaunt Those Fingertips

Bear Naked Nail Wipes

Josie Maran

On-The-Go Nail Wipes

These travel-friendly pads feel surprisingly dry upon first impression, but make no mistake, they get the job done, effectively wiping away every last trace of your stubborn mani. The gentle, acetone-free formula is enriched with moisturizing argan oil for an extra-luxurious touch.

The Rose Oil


Cuticle Oil

We can't decide what we love more: the convenient rollerball applicator that eases our minds of any spillage anxiety or the delightful rose scent of this soothing oil. Enriched with hempseed and rose essential oils, it deeply moisturizes cuticles.

Push-n-Trim Cuticle Trimmer Groomer

Sally Hansen

Cuticle Pusher

Hangnails and pesky overgrown cuticles don't stand a chance against this easy-to-use pusher, which delivers a clean, polished look to your nail beds.

Nail Clipper

Green Bell

Nail Clippers

A sleek, ergonomic design that delivers precise results—no surprise here, the crème de la crème of clippers hails from Japan.

Millionails Treatment


Nail Repair Treatment

Working a restorative formula into your manicure rotation is a must. This strengthening treatment creates an innovative fiber shield to defend against breakage and peeling.

Crystal Nail File


Nail File

Not only does a crystal nail file look elegant, it can also prove a beneficial alternative to the classic emery board for fragile nails. Thanks to their high grit count, crystal files gently shape the nail while minimizing splitting and peeling.

Smooth Operator Buffer Nail File

Deborah Lippmann


When you're going polish-free, this gentle buffer delivers a high-shine finish to nails.