6 High-Shine Nail Polishes That Prove Mattes Are Officially Out

With summer officially over, we all tend to gravitate toward darker, richer colors at the nail salon. Last fall, matte nail polish stole the hearts of beauty junkies while high-shine polishes took a break from the spotlight but the pendulum is swinging back. Here, we’ve rounded up some polishes that will inspire you to not take the subtle route for your fall nail salon visits, and instead enjoy the luminosity of extreme shine.


The second phase of the Infinite Shine Gel Effects system features 30 brand-new illuminating shades. These polishes guarantee vivid color and gel shine, without having to keep your fingers under the light.

This nail polish and top-coat duo has been reformulated to provide long-lasting color and extreme shine. The new formula includes plasticizer, which leaves your nails with a flawless, gel-like finish.

Formula X's color range don't only offer extremely mature colors. Thanks to their exclusive ShineXcel™, a luminescent ingredient that enhances color and overall shine, each polish guarantees a glowing finish.

This 10-in-1 formula is full of ingredients that promote brighter, stronger, healthier nails. The collection also includes 30 different shades for any color preference.

The Enamored Hi-Shine polishes were inspired by Marc Jacobs's heavily lacquered coffee table. They're each formulated to promote a plasticized wet look, without you having to commit to a gel manicure.

Think of this nail polish collection as providing a gel manicure with fewer steps. With just the color and top coat, you're guaranteed up to 14 days of no chipping, and it also promises a quick and easy removal.