Nail Inspiration For July 4th

Instead of yet another shade of nude, might we suggest breaking out of your nail color comfort zone this Fourth of July? Try one of these four abstract interpretations of the American flag for a chic and patriotic alternative that nobody else will be wearing. It’s not called Independence Day for nothing.

Let Your (Freak) Flag Fly


Create a focal point by painting a bandana paisley onto two nails, keeping the surrounding digits solid. Intricate patterns like this look best when the darker color is used as the base coat, and the lighter color is drawn on with pen or a fine brush.


A quirky, mismatched graphic incorporates the colors of the flag in a less traditional way. Paint the lighter color as the base then use a fine paint brush to add the geometric shape in a darker color on top. Keep at least two nails plain for a less haphazard look.


Channel the '60s with tie-dye nail art in red, white and blue. Paint a blue base, followed by a red circle, and an even smaller white circle. Use a toothpick to gently draw straight lines from the center of the white dot to the outer edge of the nail, creating a blurred star. Allow to dry fully before sealing with a clear topcoat.


To achieve the stenciled diagonal stripe, start with a white base and add thick bands of red and white to the tips of the nails.