Nail Polish Ideas: Halloween-Inspired Nail Art

by Stephanie Montes

We love celebrating Halloween as much as the next gal, but when it comes to our manis, we like to choose something that we won’t be sick of after a couple days. That’s why we are in love with these 4 ultra-chic Halloween-inspired manicures that will look good long after your costume is off and all the candy has been consumed.

Debbie Leavitt

We teamed up with Debbie Leavitt, founder of Sheswai Lacquer and self-titled “eco-chic, natural nail stylist,” to create 4 super-modern nail looks.

"I usually opt for a sophisticated, solid-color. I don't consider myself a nail-art expert, but I appreciate the beauty in a fully embellished manicure."

Photo: Courtesy

What A Stud

"Adding a matte topcoat is an easy way to switch up any color. I placed the brushed-metal studs differently on each nail and used a clear topcoat for a high-shine only on the accent finger."

Start with 2 coats of an opaque black polish.

Apply a matte top coat to all nails except the ring fingers on both hands.

With a nail glue, stick gold and silver embellishments in a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns onto all matte nails.

Finish with a shine topcoat on the ring finger.

I Got My Eye On You

"We kept is simple and chic with an opaque cream nail and accented with a black pearl at the base. This is my interpretation of the evil eye that is so trendy right now."

Start with a base coat on clean, filed nails.

Follow with 2 coats of a creamy white nail polish. Make sure these coats are even and completely opaque.

With a nail glue, center small black-pearl appliqués close to each cuticle.

Seal the look with a clear topcoat.

Love Triangle

"This is the trickiest look of all, but it's badass and original. The gold striping tape really makes the triangles pop and gives the illusion of little claws."

Add a swipe of a clear base coat to all nails.

Create black triangles beginning at the moons of your nail and ending at the center of each tip.

Trace all triangles with a gold striping tape.

Seal with a clear topcoat.

Gold Finger

"A graphic triangle is an easy way to play with a pop of color, and adding a gold spike to the accent nail takes this mani to the next level."

Paint all nails with 1 coat of red and let dry completely.

With a black polish, paint from the outside corners and drag diagonally across to the nail to create a V shape.

On the ring fingers, use a nail glue to adhere a gold spike at the tip of the red triangle.

Finish the look with a clear topcoat.