10 Nail Polish Colors To Try In 2015

The easiest (and cheapest) way to update your look for the New Year: a perfect manicure in a hot-off-the-runway color. From cool stone grey to old-world teal, the good news is that beautifully bright nail polish is back again for 2015. While understated nails always look chic, everyone needs a break from basic Ballet Slippers pink now and again.

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Nail Polish Color To Try: Teal

Conjure old-world glamour with this sultry shade. Used here: a soon-to-be-released, yet-to-be-named shade from Jin Soon's spring collection. For now try Burberry's equally beautiful take on teal.

Photo: Jin Soon

Nail Polish Color To Try: Stone

Christian Louboutin nailed it with this cool stone grey color in his just-launched lacquer line. The polish, seen here at Peter Som's spring 2015 show, is a perfect way to branch out if you're the type to play it safe at the nail salon.

Photo: Christian Louboutin

Nail Polish Color To Try: Copper

Take a page straight out of Giorgio Armani's playbook and mix metallic hues for a thoroughly modern effect. Specifically, pair silver jewelry and glimmering eyeliner with bold copper nails made soft with a matte topcoat.

Photo: Getty Images

Nail Polish Color To Try: Cherry

Never underestimate the power of a high-gloss, cherry red manicure. After several seasons of sheer, neutral nails this classic color feels fresh all over again. Pair with matching matte red lips and glossy eyelids if you're feeling brave.

Photo: Kessler Studio

Nail Polish Color To Try: Melon

Negative space nail art and sweet pastel hues are two trends that were made to come together. Just look at the divine manicure at Delpozo's spring 2015 show for proof. If brooding or bright colors aren't for you this hue is a softer (yet still exciting) option to play with.

Photo: Essie

Nail Polish Color To Try: White

A perfect black manicure used to be the fashion girl's secret handshake but it's been replaced - slowly but surely - with optic white. One of our favorite manicure ideas for 2015, this can't-fail color feels both classic and badass all at once.

Photo: Jin Soon

Nail Polish Color To Try: Cobalt

In sea of minimalist neutral lacquers there's something so chic about blindingly bright blue nails. Take a cue from Reed Krakoff and skip the temptation to indulge in fussy designs or nail art extras. Pair the simple look with a frock of the same color and you'll be emanating It-girl vibes.

Photo: Essie

Nail Polish Color To Try: Petal

Petal pink nails might seem somewhat plain but give them a good three-coat job and add a subtle gold stripe at the base of nails and the look feels incredibly romantic and not at all basic. Girls with longer nails, this hue is for you.

Photo: Christian Louboutin

Nail Polish Color To Try: Camel

We've waxed poetic on the French girl's hair and clothes but what about her nails? Think: classic camel made glamorous with a satin finish. Part hair down the middle and add some smudgy black liner and you're practically Parisian.

Photo: Deborah Lippmann

Nail Polish Color To Try: Peach

Fans of spring's 1970s trend should head straight for perfect peach hues at the nail salon. Nothing looks better with the decade's retro florals, true blue denim and sumptuous suedes than this vintage-inspired shade.

Photo: Essie