Patriotic Perfume

by The Zoe Report

Do you hear that, Zoe Reporters? London is calling! With the 2012 Summer Olympics kicking off today, we are itching to cross over the pond. A competitive combination of international street style, athletic getups and patriotic pride—what’s not to love? With all of the infectious excitement, British-born Molton Brown seems to have also been bit by the Olympic buzz bug.

In the spirit of the games, the host country’s crown jewel is releasing a fragrance collection in honor of the medal mania. Our particular focus of this limited edition launch is the Londinium Fine Fragrance, a unisex concoction filled with scents of warm whisky and malt accord for a woodsy aroma that will forever bring you back to these soon-to-be moments in history. So get your game face on and purchase this perfume for your own little piece of Olympic glory!

Availability: Molton Brown Limited Edition Londinium Fine Fragrance ($140). For additional information, visit Moltonbrown.com.

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