8 Mid-Length Natural Hairstyles To Slay 2023

Hang time included.

by Natasha Marsh
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Worn beautifully up, down, or in multiple textures, mid-length natural hair is the sweet spot in terms of style versatility. You can be as creative or as minimalist as you please. As a starting point, ahead are eight different styles to experiment with for spectacular hair days all year long.

Middle Part It

For a head-turning look, a middle part is the way to go. You can blow out your curls and smooth it over with an anti-frizz oil for a sharp finish.

Bantu Knots

One of the most playful protective styles out there, bantu knots look great on all coils, spirals, and curls. To execute at home, section hair at your desired width, and twist hair up into mini buns.

Loc’d Bob

Bobs and lobs are a great way to add movement to mid-length hair, and look just as chic in a protective style, like faux locs. As the scalp is still exposed, be sure to work in a nourishing hair oil once a week.

Late Night Updo

For date nights and events with friends, look no further than this sophisticated updo. Whether your hair is natural or in braids, this style pairs beautifully with any outfit.

Undone Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots look just as good unraveled as they do up. After a couple of days or weeks of wearing your knots, natural curls will unravel in Old Hollywood waves.

Wig Chic

For those with short hair looking for a quick transition into mid-length, wigs will be your best friend. Plus, they allow you to play around with color and texture, sans commitment.

Lived-In Space Buns

PSA: space buns don’t have to be completely rolled in a ball. Take a more playful approach to the classic style by placing your twist out into small ponies. For extra oomph, frame a couple twist outs as bangs.

Twist It

Two-strand twists are a great protective style for mid-length natural hair. Plus, they look great down, in a pony or bun, and with any curly texture.


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