10 Celebrity-Inspired Natural Hairstyles To Try In 2022

From twist outs, to braided crowns.

A new year often means a new look, but if you’re a naturalista, chances are you’ve exhausted most of the natural hairstyles out there. Lucky for you, TZR rounded up 10 fresh and unique hairstyles from celebrities with natural hair, that you need to try this year.@yarashahidi
‘Updo With Bangs

Everyone knows a sure fire way to command attention with your hair is to add bangs, but curly bangs take that stop-and-stare factor to a whole new level. Just look at this picture of Kerry Washington and convince yourself that she looks anything less than phenomenal... you can’t.

Curly Mohawk

An edgy way to get your curls out of your face, a cute mohawk (of faux-hawk) is a more done-up alternative to the everyday messy bun or puff.

Braid Crown

Lupita Nyong’o is regal as it is, but in this braided crown, she could easily be mistaken for the monarch of a prosperous nation. A few bobby pins, intermediate braiding technique, and some patience and you, too, will look like a queen.

Top Knot

Now this is the natural hairstyle you reach for when you really want to make a statement. Slicking your curls back and gathering them into a top knot makes for an elegant, slightly edgy updo.

Twist Out

When in doubt; twist it out. There’s a reason twist outs are so popular among Black women with natural hair. It’s an easy way to stretch out your hair and remedy shrinkage if that’s your goal. Or it could just be a cute low-maintenance everyday style.

Double Puffs

This hairstyle may seem reminiscent of your childhood, but honestly that just adds to its appeal. Double puffs are especially great for those with short hair who can’t quite get their curls into a bun just yet.

Mini Twists

Yara Shahidi has long been hair goals and major hair inspo for naturalistas everywhere. Her hairstyles range from sleek and elaborate to more relaxed styles, like these mini twists done by her mom.


Every curly haired girl has resorted to cornrows at some point as a means to just get their hair out of the way, but when done right, the style can actually be very chic and even suitable for the fanciest event on your calendar.

Half-Up Half-Down

Take a page out of the queen’s book and try out a half-up, half-down style this year. It’s a perfect way to give your curls some volume without having them all in your face.

Bantu Knots

One of the OG natural hairstyles, not only are Bantu knots a great protective style, but they’re super versatile making them easy for all lengths and textures.


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