The Secret To Megawatt Skin

If you try one new thing this month, make it a micro-current facial. Yes, it may sound like we’re suggesting sticking your finger in a socket (we aren’t), but hear us out. Thanks to modern technology, there is a new way to get the lifting, firming and smoothing effects of a mini facelift without injections or surgery. Often used in age-defying facials at spas, the technique delivers a tightening effect by passing mild electric currents through the muscles of the face and neck. Because the voltage is so low (1/1,000,000 of an amp) you only feel a mild tingling, similar to a deep cleansing face mask.

If we may drop a little scientific knowledge; this technique works by using two metal wands which pass negative and positive charges between each other, thus activating the muscle tissue between them. This energizes muscles that are underused, and relaxes those that are overused. Lets say your brow-furrowing muscles are overused (guilty), but the muscles that oppose frowning are underused (again, guilty). By passing the wands over this area, the underlying muscle activity that causes the frown lines will be temporarily suspended, collagen and elastin production in that area will be increased, and the skin’s surface appears tightened. Regular use provides more permanent results, but you can typically expect a lifting effect for a few days following the treatment. Minus the deer-in-headlights look, of course.

To perform the treatment yourself at home, opt for the FDA-approved NuFACE handheld device and their easy-to-follow video tutorials. For those who prefer to leave it to the pros, see a list of spas that offer the treatment below.

NuFACE Trinitiy Facial Trainer Kit, ($325)


Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas Nationwide, Caci Non-Surgical Face Lift ($195)

Peninsula Spa in New York City, Remodeling Facial ($295)

Waldorf Astoria Spa in Chicago, Perfect Lift Facial ($265)

Crescent Hotel Spa in Dallas, Ultimate Skin Care Facial ($185)

Spa Radiance in San Francisco, Non-Surgical French Face-Lift ($230)

Standard Spa in Miami, Repairer Energy ($170)

Spa Sophia in Los Angeles, Luxury Treatment Facial ($200)

Mandarin Oriental Spa in Boston, Aroma Lift Facial ($270)