All That Shimmers

by The Zoe Report

Just as our wardrobe transitions from winter to spring, so should our beauty routine! For me, this means flirting with a little bit more color in my make-up and nail polish selections, as well as trading out all wintry-scented (peppermint, ginger, etc.) skin products for fruity-infused or shimmery ones, like today’s Mario Badescu Summer Shine Body Lotion!

If there is one thing all women (and men) can relate to, it is the desire to have soft skin. A bonus being soft skin that also sparkles! Because of this, I urge everyone to try Mario Badescu’s Shimmer lotion. An ideal tagalong for your next trip to the beach or poolside party, this totally greaseless lotion moisturizes with beeswax and peanut oil, while leaving a subtle glisten on your skin. Beauty aficionados beware: once you try one Mario Badescu product, you will quickly become obsessed. Some of my other favorites are his Drying Lotion and Flower and Tonic Mask—dare you to try them! xoRZ

Availability: Mario Badescu Summer Shine Body Lotion ($22). For additional retailer information, visit Mariobadescu.com.