Malibu Dreamin’

by The Zoe Report

My life depends on multi-tasking, so of course I love beauty products that do the same. True to its name, The Multiple by NARS serves many purposes. One moment it is a beautiful highlighting blush, the next I dab some on my lids and ta-da it’s an eyeshadow. Oh, and let’s not forget it can be used as a lipstick too 😉

We all struggle with downsizing the contents of our daytime bag to an evening clutch…only necessities make the cut. With The Multiple, the pressure is off—playing favorites with your makeup is a non-issue when you have this all-in-one stick by your side. There are several shades to choose from, but I am partial to Malibu, a pinkish slightly shimmery wonder. A bonus…with the creamy texture and sturdy packaging, there is no need to worry about makeup breakage within your bag—it’s easy breezy—just like a Malibu vacay! xoRZ

Availability: The Multiple by Nars ($37). For additional retailer information, visit Narscosmetics.com.