The Makeup You Need To Get Rid Of Right Now

by Stephanie Montes

Our favorite part about starting a new year is beginning with a clean slate, but in order to kick it off on the right foot there are a handful of things to purge before the ball drops. To get you on track to becoming a better, more organized version of yourself in 2018, we’re starting with the contents of your overstuffed vanity. Flip through for a guide to tossing all the makeup you don’t need, which includes the ones you think you need but are actually bad for you. Trust us, it’s much less painful than you’d expect—and think of all the space you’ll have for new makeup.


This one needs little explanation. If it's broken, just get rid of it. It's just going to continue making a mess in your makeup bag.

The shelf life of lipsticks and lip glosses is between 12 and 18 months. Lip products contain oily ingredients that can spoil over time and even let off a rancid scent. Applying it so close to the mouth, then closing the cap can cause your favorite lipstick to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Look for changes in texture, which may come in the form of going on your lips in a streaky or clumpy way.

If the product is visibly separated, try shaking it to mix it back together. If that doesn't work, refrain from using the product as it could potentially affect the skin differently or change the quality of coverage.

Keeping a palette because you love the packaging so much is fine, but when you have a bunch of empty containers lying around, it's time to purge. If parting with them is difficult, just think of how good it will feel when you have so much more space to get ready in.

It's not uncommon to leave an emergency makeup bag in your car. For the most part, makeup can withstand a hot summer day, but skincare products can be vulnerable to heat in several ways. Elevated temperatures may deactivate active ingredients, preservatives and fragrances in lotions and sunscreens. The last thing you need is to wear a sunscreen every day that's not even protecting you.

Every time you take the wand out and insert it back into the tube, airborne bacteria contaminates the formula which can later makes its way onto your eye. Throw it out three months after the seal has been broken to ensure that your peepers remain free of infections.

Keep liquid products like foundation and highlighter out of moist environments (like your bathroom) and away from heat (warm temperatures encourage the growth of the bacteria). Keep an eye out for a change in color or the formula separating and try replacing them at least once a year.