What Guys Really Think Of Big Eyebrows, Dark Lips, And More Spring Beauty Trends

by Stephanie Montes

Designer runways are forever teeming with inventive new beauty looks, and we love nearly all of them—though some are clearly more wearable than others. For spring, we’re feeling inspired to test out a dark lip and heavy brow, and probably leaving the face jewelry and painted lids to the experts. But wait, what do guys really think of these trends? Gilded lips, short bangs … yea or nay? We polled 5 gorgeous Wilhelmina male models for their honest opinions, and their responses are surprising—and hilarious. Whether you chose to take them into consideration is up to you.

Take It Away, Boys!

Alexander Prange, 26


Bold Brows At Christopher Kane

"Eyebrows are one of the most underrated facial features. A lot of people don’t really notice them, but when they're bushy, they can either draw attention to the eyes or really distract from them. Personally, I’m not a fan of big eyebrows—these are too extreme for sure. They overpower her smaller eyes. The final verdict is no." —Alexander


Pigtails At Marni

"I like pigtails on the right girl—they're better for more petite, cute girls. My sister used to play sports and a lot of the girls she played with wore pigtails. There are a lot of different kinds. Can't you like, braid them or something? It's not too formal, but it's a step up from the ponytail. If a girl knows how to rock them, I think she should definitely wear them." —Alexander

Tommy Hackett, 19

Courtesy of NARS

Glitter Eye Shadow At Creatures Of The Wind

"Personally I don't like it. It's just taking away from the beauty in the girls' eyes since it's so shiny. It could be a nice accent, but this is too much glitter. It seems more appropriate for a Halloween costume." —Tommy


Dark Lips At Miu Miu

"Honestly, I think it's pretty attractive. It only really works on one type of girl—it can easily go too goth for my taste. These girls look beautiful. Dark lipstick definitely works, but it's got to work for you. The only way you're going to pull it off is if you have that dark mysterious look. I would go up to that girl. It brings out a part of her personality that you kind of want to figure out." —Tommy

George Johnson, 25


Micro Bangs At Christopher Kane

"I’m not a fan, but I guess it could really show off the features of the face. Girls look different with all sorts of haircuts—if you have a big forehead these probably won't work out too well. It reminds me of a haircut when I was 5 and my parents put a bowl on my head. Girls like bangs more than guys do." —George


Blue Eye Shadow At Missoni

"Blue eye shadow doesn’t scare me, but it depends on how much. I probably wouldn't start a conversation with a girl wearing too much makeup, because it makes me feel like she is insecure. I'm not fully opposed to colored eye makeup, but I wouldn't want it to be the first thing I notice." —George

Brooks Forester, 31


Gold Lips At Prada

"At first I thought I hated it, but then I kind of love it. Are you sure this is a trend? I do like the gold lips—you don't really see those too often, but I like that they're different. The lips could be a conversation starter, but the bangs, maybe not." —Brooks


Concealed Brows At Givenchy

"I love eyebrows, so this makes me feel like you're hiding a feature that gives your face so much character. The brows look unnatural—like fake mustaches. It's definitely a Star Trek look." —Brooks


Austin Victoria, 27


Statement Crowns At Dolce And Gabbana

"I mean, I think it's cool. But you have to be able to pull it off. You can only wear one thing that's going to be really loud, and this is pretty loud. It looks like she's wearing little cherry tomatoes on her head, but she looks cute! It complements her and it's not too big. So yeah, I would hit on her." —Austin


Jewel Face Masks At Givenchy

"Hell no, are you kidding me? Maybe in an alien movie or something! It looks beautiful for a photo shoot or a runway show, but not in real life. I’m always into unique chicks, but you can't even see her face! Am I supposed to find this attractive? I'm sure this girl is beautiful but you know what I'm saying." —Austin