20 Beauty Products From Walmart That Are Actually Amazing

by Stephanie Montes

We know what you’re thinking: What could Walmart possibly have to offer us beauty junkies? If you even have to ask, chances are you haven’t wandered the aisles at this under-the-radar product mecca. Here, 20 genius buys you’ll want to get your hands on, stat.

Get It At Walmart

Primer/Setting Powder

Charcoal Pore Strips

Leg Makeup

Lip Paint

Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask


Absorbent Hair Brush

Rosewater Toner

Mascara Primer

Neutral Eye-Shadow Palette

Deep-Cleansing Face Mask

Eye-Shadow Shields

Brow Gel

Heavy-Duty Concealer

Moisturizing Foundation Stick

Modern Makeup Brushes

Dream Eyeliner

Lighted Beauty Mirror

Powder-To-Cream Blush