Victoria Beckham Just Filmed Her First-Ever Makeup Tutorial

This past April, Estée Lauder announced it would be linking up with Victoria Beckham for a limited-edition collaboration. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they tapped the fashion mogul, given her forever glowy skin and signature smoky eye.

With the September release date soon approaching, Victoria filmed a video tutorial for Vogue using her own products. The best part isn’t just getting a first look at her makeup routine, it’s the fact that she does it in only five minutes. We have to admit, she has some competition from fellow beauty blogger John Mayer.

She creates the “London look,” as she calls it, by filling in her crease, smudging under her eye and lining her waterline with dark eye shadow and liner shades. To keep the focus on her eyes, Victoria applies nude lipstick and both powder highlighter and illuminating cream for radiance.

You can watch Victoria’s full tutorial below.