This Tool Will Give You A Perfect Cat Eye In Seconds

This is not a drill: Cat eyes will soon take you less than a minute to create. The Vamp Stamp is the newest tool that allows you to create a perfectly winged shape in 5 seconds or less—no, we’re not kidding. (Watch the video below for proof.) As demonstrated in the Instagram clip, simply dip the stamp into your favorite pot of gel or cream liner, pick your placement, then stamp on the perfect wing. The Vamp Stamp isn’t available just yet, but the brand is hinting that it’ll be available online soon. (Check this space for updates.) In the meantime, make sure all your hard work doesn’t smudge midday. Ahead, 5 long-lasting eyeliners to preserve your cat-eye skills—all of which will work perfectly with your Vamp Stamp, once it becomes available.


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