This Foundation Has A 25,000-Person Waitlist—And You’ve Never Heard Of It

by Stephanie Montes

Is it just us, or are the best things in life usually the ones nobody knows about? This is true of our beloved secret neighborhood bars, and the same goes for the most obscure beauty products in our vanities. The latest makeup product to hit cult status (while somehow managing to fly under the radar) is by a skincare brand called The Ordinary. According to Refinery29, their new foundation (in both a lightweight serum and a full-coverage liquid version) already has a waitlist of 25,000 beauty junkies. Whether it’s the good-for-you formula, the 21-shade range or the fact that it costs less than $7, this item is sure to sell out before it even releases. Since there’s no telling how many will be produced, you can join the waitlist at the brand’s website and just hope there’s enough to go around.