The Mascara Trend That’s Making A Big Comeback


Super-thick, statement-making lashes are perennially on our list of beauty do’s—but what about when your fringe takes on spider-like qualities? Teetering in and out of faux pas territory as trends come and go, the clumpy lash look is indeed making a comeback. Popping up the past couple seasons in runway shows, the appearance of exaggerated fringe resurrects the mascara MOs of ’60s and ’70s icons such as Twiggy and Diana Ross. With formulas now on the market that deliberately impart a clumpy effect, it’s prime time to experiment with the playful beauty dare. Here, the lash-spiration (and products) you need to rock the look.

Cue The Clump

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The Inspiration: Britt Ekland, 1967

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The Inspiration: Twiggy, 1967

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The Inspiration: Goldie Hawn, 1975

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The Inspiration: Diana Ross, 1975

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The Colossal Chaotic Washable Mascara



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Maybelline's Colossal Chaotic formula purposely imparts a sexy, disheveled effect to the lashes thanks to its specially architected "teaser" brush.

Voluminous Waterproof Miss Manga Mascara


L'Oreal Paris

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L'Oreal's Miss Manga mascara heavily coats lashes for an over-the-top, doll-like effect. To ensure the product stays put and doesn't smudge onto skin (especially on bottom lashes), opt for a waterproof formula. After applying several coats as you normally would, take the wand vertically to your fringe and paint it on from lash line to tip in small, defined sections for a more exaggerated, piece-y look.

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Feign (or further amplify) the clumpy trend with the help of falsies and liquid eyeliner. Apply a row of fake eyelashes that are are already grouped into thick sections to mimic the look of spidery mascara. Use a waterproof, felt-tip liner pen to paint on thin strokes to the bottom lash line for a Twiggy effect.

7 Lash



Magic Marc’er Precision Pen


Marc Jacobs Beauty