The Fastest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

by Stephanie Montes

We all have that one beloved makeup brush in our stash that we end up using for everything (we’re surely not the only ones using an eye-shadow brush for defining creases and highlighting cheeks). But the worst part about having a chosen one? Not being able to use it when transitioning to different colors. Thanks to a few game-changing products on the market, now you can clean your go-to brush before moving to the next shade—without having to wait hours for it to dry.


It's Like Dry Shampoo For Your Makeup Brushes

This dry brush cleaning spray removes all traces of makeup without rinsing. It even dries instantly so you can switch to different colors in seconds.

Spritz this sanitizing spray on your makeup brush and blot it on a paper towel to remove excess residue and dry it instantly.

Swirl your makeup brush around on this dry sponge to remove all traces of pigment without having to use a brush cleaner or water.

This waterless dry cleaning brush spray is all you need to switch colors when doing your next colorful eye shadow look.

This foam cleanser sanitizes brushes and removes all pigments and dries in seconds when blotted on a paper towel.