The Chanel-Approved Beauty Trend You Should Rock This Spring

Once the warmer weather starts to break its way through the beast that is winter, we start to feel more adventurous with our beauty routine. Spring and summer feel like a time to explore, take chances and move beyond our comfort level. As the sunnier season arrives this year, we are feeling inspired to infuse something a little unlikely into our summer beauty game: metallics. That’s right, you can wear metallics outside of the holidays and evening activities, as proven by Chanel’s latest collection, which is thick with shimmery options that look gorgeous day or night. We asked Chanel celebrity makeup artist Angela Levin for the best tips on how to wear metallic makeup this summer, including what shades to try, how to apply them and—of course—what not to do. Click and learn.

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Expert Tips For Wearing Metallic Makeup

Do metallics really work when it's not winter or the holidays?

"Don't panic with metallic," says Levin. "Metallic makeup—especially eye shadow—is fantastic for summer if you incorporate similar colors into your nails, jewelry, shoes or purse. Metallics are happy colors—there is glamour and warmth to them, just like summer and spring. That's why they work well in warm weather."

What's the best way to incorporate metallics into your warm-weather makeup routine?

"Pick one color–like gold, silver or even a rose gold or pearl—and make that the focus of your look," says the makeup guru. "If you are doing a tan, glowy look, keep it simple and clean with a matte eye shadow, but then add a red, vibrant lipstick with metallic gold lip gloss—or even gold lipstick on top of the red in the center area as a highlight."

What colors should you wear to balance out the metallics?

"Because metallic colors are strong light reflectors, keep it balanced by using a foundation that's not too shiny or use a flat bronzer," says Levin. "Remember, metallic products can get messy so if you use them on your lids make sure you clean up the fallout under your eyes before putting on concealer. Also try the metallic look a few days before your event just in case you are allergic (some people are)."

What are the dos and don'ts of metallic makeup?

"Darling, don't go manic with your metallic," says the Chanel artist. "The dos: Pick colors you like and are comfortable with–chances are they'll look good on you. The don'ts: Stay away from fads that don't represent your personality and lifestyle."