The Best Gel Blushes For A Rosy Glow


Despite best intentions and dutiful applications, we seemed to run into the same problem when trying to make pink cheeks work with our summer beauty routine. Powders cake up and crumble when humidity enters the sun-drenched scene. Creams put up an admirable fight, but once things really start to sizzle, even they melt away. It turns out the solution lies in three little letters: G-E-L. With their silky texture and major staying power, gel formulas are summer’s clear winner when it comes to scoring a sweet flush of color that won’t fade. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best gel blushes to infuse cheeks with a refreshing rose tint that can most definitely stand the heat.


Blush Crush

Sheer Cheek Gel in No.3 Rosy


Pixi by Petra

The Fresh-Faced Flush

Why We Love It: The aloe-infused formula is refreshing and soothing, two qualities that are especially appreciated on smoldering summer days.

Blush Memoire De Forme Pop Up Jelly Blush in Rose Extravagant



The Chic Splurge

Why We Love It: The light, floral scent makes us feel like we’re ambling through Monet’s flower garden in Giverny…even if we’re actually just doing our makeup in an Uber.

Per-Fekt Cheek Perfection Gel in Blushed



The Color Chameleon

Why We Love It: Powered by Smart Color Technology, this blush makes good on its name, adapting to your unique skin tone to create the perfect flush of color.

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée in Pink Escape



The Major Hydrator

Why We Love It: Enriched with pure coconut water, whose restorative power knows no bounds, this hydrating gel stain treats our cheeks to some of that electrolyte goodness.

Posietint Cheek & Lip Stain



The Multi-Tasker

Why We Love It: Adding a pretty pop of pink to our lips and cheeks has never been easier thanks to this double-duty liquid-gel formula.