A Celebrity Makeup Artist Sounds Off On The Most Popular Looks For Spring

While the runways offer a decent bird’s eye view of the trends to come in the following seasons, it’s essentially up to us—consumers—to take those looks and give them wings. For spring, we’re hearing a lot of talk of pretty pastels, dewy skin and jewel-toned pouts, but that’s all it is…hearsay. To get the facts on what’s actually being put into action, we went straight to the ultimate source: Our friend, celeb stylist and founder of The Glam App Joey Maalouf (who runs the app alongside Katrina Barton). You see, being the mastermind behind an on-demand beauty service allows Joey to see firsthand what looks are being embraced as the seasons change. We caught up with the beauty guru to get the scoop on the most popular hair, makeup and nail trends for the warmer months.

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Beauty In Bloom

Sleek Hair

While loose, easy waves will always hold a place in our hearts and on our heads, this chic slicked-back look has been a red-carpet favorite this season. "I personally brought in the trend, Sleek Back to our menu to allow everyone the accessibility to be able to book the chic and fresh runway look," says Joey. And apparently the new option is quickly becoming a season fave among beauty lovers.

No-Makeup Makeup

According to Joey, it seems the heavier formulas of winter will fall by the wayside, as beauty lovers are opting for lighter, barely there makeup that literally looks like you woke up looking like a goddess.


The craze that swept the beauty world years ago (courtesy of the Kardashian clan) hasn't lost steam, as clients are still requesting chiseled, more defined complexions...as natural-looking as possible, of course.

Nude Nails

"For nails, we’re seeing palettes range from nude to black but of course every market has its specific trend," says Joey. For a simplistic, versatile look, nude digits are a great option, and ideal in that they translate to every skin tone.

Bold Nails

Spring is also about color, and statement-making nails are still on trend for those seeking a little something extra. From vibrant hues to interesting designs, Joey says anything goes...if you're game.