This Is The Skincare Rule You Should Stop Breaking

by Stephanie Montes

You already know sleeping in your makeup is the worst thing you can do. It leads to flare-ups and breakouts, but still you can’t seem to fight the urge to hit the pillow with the day’s face still on. Our advice: Indulge in an evening beauty routine the minute you get home from work, so by the time you’re ready for bed, your skin is long since snooze-approved. It’s the perfect way to wind down—you’ll even look forward to it—and we promise your complexion will be glowing when morning comes. Here, the three products we treat ourselves to after a long day.

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Evening Essentials

Wash Off Your Makeup

The first step in any nighttime skincare routine is to cleanse. This ceramide and hyaluronic acid infused balm melts away makeup, dirt and oils while hydrating and firming skin. Massage it onto dry skin, and rinse off the day.

Make Time For A Mask

What better way to shake off a stressful day than by relaxing with a face mask? This 50% real crushed fruit treatment gently exfoliates skin with natural orange, lemon and clementine AHA fruit acids. Dull skin will appear vibrant in 10 minutes, and your complexion will be left smooth, soft and glowing.

Hydrate Your Skin (Twice)

The final step is the one that will help you look your best in the morning (even if you've skimped on a few hours of sleep). This two-in-one glow-getter hydrates, replenishes and visibly plumps skin while you snooze. Start with DreamSerum, a green coffee and green tea leaf cocktail that melts into skin and feeds it with antioxidants and essential vitamins for a flawless complexion. Finish with DreamSeal, a moisture boost of hyaluronic acid and green algae that recharges your glow.