This Beauty Vlogger Used A Very Unexpected Product To Remove Her Makeup

It’s inarguable that Instagram has become a destination for wacky beauty trends, and the latest to make headlines is an unconventional hack that we’ll say from the get-go doesn’t seem super safe. Makeup artist Maria Yeager has the Internet talking over a video she posted removing her makeup with shaving cream. She applies it all over her face and uses a washcloth to vigorously wipe it off. While it does seem to work, this trick came at the expensive of some negative and concerned comments from her followers.

Considering that everyone’s skin reacts very differently to certain products, we wouldn’t condone trying this method (potential allergies, redness, and irritation come to mind). Unfortunately, this isn’t the first trend we’ve seen online that we feel is a bad idea, and it certainly won’t be the last. We’re unsure why good old makeup wipes, oils, and cleansers were nixed as an option here, but this method is one we won’t be testing in the name of beauty.