9 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Visit To Sephora

Any beauty junkie knows that a trip to Sephora is basically a form of therapy, so much so that we can sometimes get a little carried away. It’s undoubtedly the mecca of shopping for every one of our beauty needs. The next time you set foot in the treasure trove, remember these tips to get the most out of your experience.


Hacks For Shopping Smart At Sephora

According to Real Simple , Sephora is mapped out a lot like a grocery store—meaning lower-priced and sale items can typically be found along the outer edges of the store.

Higher-priced items are usually placed at eye level, so Real Simple suggests starting with the lower shelves first.

According to Refinery29, when you chat up a sales consultant, he or she is likely to offer you free samples. But you can also ask for them directly if you'd like to try a product first—even an expensive item. You're also eligible to nab samples with every single online order, from a selection you'll see at checkout. How better to test-drive great products before committing to a big purchase?

Joining Beauty Insider (Sephora's rewards program) is the first step toward tons of beauty extras. Rack up points with any purchase you make, and save them to earn deluxe product samples. Signing up is free!

Beauty Insiders are also eligible for free makeup and skincare classes from the pros at Sephora. If you'd like to learn how to apply false lashes or perfect your contour, this is a fantastic opportunity.

These are great when you're interested in checking out a new brand, or when you're just stocking up on staples you love. You can often get several products for the price of one.

By following Sephora's Facebook page, you get access to exclusive sales and discounts. You'll also find a ton of giveaways that are only for Facebook fans.

If you tend to shop online a lot more than in store, you should consider Sephora's Flash subscription. For just $10 per year, you'll get two-day shipping on every order with no price minimum.

If you end up not liking a product you purchased online or in store, Sephora allows you to return it within 60 days for a full refund. As long as it's in a "gently used condition," you'll get your money back. When shopping with cash, be sure to keep your receipt just in case your purchase doesn't show up in the store's system.