We’re So Excited About These New Launches At Sephora

by Stephanie Montes
Matteo Valle

If you’re anything like us beauty junkies, nothing provides you with a fix more than a slew of new releases at Sephora. Lucky for you, the beauty mecca is stocked with a ton of fresh skincare, hair and makeup products that we can’t wait to try. Scroll through for the 10 products we’re lusting over the most. Happy hauling.


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Part gel and part cream, this moisturizer takes hydration to the next level.

Aerosol application like a hairspray but moisturizing like a hair mask, this spray-on conditioning treatment goes on in the shower and requires no setting-in time.

Loaded with the best color matches, this palette makes creating warm-weather eye makeup looks so easy.

With this antiaging face serum, you can finally get the look of a tan with a formula that includes ingredients to keep your skin looking younger, longer.

Ideal for the lazy girl, this in-shower styling product makes air-dried hair look so good.

Glossy lips are our spring makeup obsession, and this high-shine lacquer comes in six shades.

Setting your makeup isn't just good for your foundation anymore—it's also good for your skin. This SPF 45 setting powder keeps your makeup and you protected all day.

Get your daily dose of vitamin C with this face serum.

If you love the smell of this line's cult-favorite body moisturizer as much as we do, their new fragrance will keep you smelling like a tropical vacation year-round.

The product you never knew you needed, this makeup tape helps you create cool effects and the sharpest cat eye ever.